Joshua Reeves, Multimedia Designer

About me

For nearly 15 years, my passion has been to bring projects to life digitally - Whether it's web, motion graphics, video, flash, audio, etc. And this passion has shown in my work. I currently work for Elekta, a health care company that develops software and hardware for cancer treatment. For over 9 years, I've been involved in a multitude of projects that have both utilized and developed my digital skills.

Before Elekta, I worked for a small interactive firm that is located in downtown Indianapolis. It was there that I was introduced to website design and more importantly, it is where my love-affair with Flash was born and blossomed.

When I am not knee deep in the world of digital design, I am out moonlighting as a drummer (on weekends). Music has long been a passion and is something I will continue to do until I can no longer hold my sticks.



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